Abstract painting in orange and teal by Canadian Artist Marianne Morris

“Hope in Dark Places”, 10×10″ Mixed Media on Wood Panel.

I think I’m in love with orange. It’s been a long time since I’ve used colour. I’ve spent almost two years in a gray and brown world, with the odd splash of something. It went with how I was feeling. Things are better now. Not just in the studio, but life in general. My mom has settled into her new digs and is spending time with family and friends. My son is thriving in University, and has seemed to find his voice with his music (check him out on Spotify… he is “The Harmful”). Even work has improved somewhat, now that I have a great pair of headphones to block out all the ambient noise.

Pushing through a block has to be one of the toughest things an artist deals with. Every painter will go through it at some point… I’ve had it happen every time my style shifts. I imagine writers would have the same issue from time to time. This time around I’ve had help and encouragement, and it has made it infinitely easier to keep going. To my artist friends who have given me critiques and talked me through the low points, thank you. If I can return the favour at any time, I will.  The online community that let me hop in and out of group conversations, join in group painting sessions and willingly answers all my technique questions has been awesome. Even the friend that looked at what I was doing and said “meh, I’m not feeling it” has helped (if you’re wondering, I have not shared any of those images). Having someone tell you the truth instead of lying to spare your feelings is a necessary thing when trying to find your way.

I’m hoping I’m in a groove now, but that’s something only time will tell. I’ve started a large piece… mainly because I don’t think I can produce enough of these little 10x10s to fill the gallery… and so far it’s going ok.  It’s bigger than I’ve done in a very long time. Probably since university. Kinda intimidating. But whatever. Onwards I go.