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Spending a day with Lawren Harris

Last week, after seeing my last specialist, I figured I would probably be going back to work this week. I felt pretty good, I was up and around, and my hands were better, for the most part. But since the weather was still lovely, and I was still off, I thought I should take advantage of the time and go do something I had wanted to do but couldn’t seem to manage. So I went downtown to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and saw the Lawren Harris exhibit.

I have never been much of a group of seven fan. I think their work is interesting and can appreciate the obvious skill displayed in their pieces, but landscape painting has never really been my thing. The exception to that is Lawren Harris. There is something about his landscapes that seem to transcend landscape painting. They are calm. Serene, even. Seeing them in real life, it’s even more so. It was a really fantastic show and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. But for those of you that did, here are a few of my highlights. Not the best photos in the world… I used my phone with no flash, and the lighting was not ideal, but you can still get the idea. (Click on the first image to go through the slide show so you can see the pics at a decent size. It’s worth it).


  1. Harris has always been a favourite artist of mine. Seeing the work in person is so different from the images we usually encounter and his are so much stronger in real life. Funny, we were having a Group of Seven discussion here yesterday – Andrew bought me a mug with Jackson’s “Bent Pine” on it for my birthday.

  2. Wow – I really like these too. I had not heard of this artist before. Thank you for sharing!

    • The exhibit is travelling… curated by Steve Martin (the comedian). He is a Canadian artist, but getting more well know now because a famous American is attached. It may come to a gallery near you. Never know.

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