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Soul Window

soul window abstract painting by artist Marianne Morris

“Soul Window”, 10×10″ mixed media on wood panel.

Been a busy week. I’m back to painting every day, which is certainly when I feel my best. It’s sometimes difficult to fit in the time, but even a half hour is useful. Actually… sometimes a half hour is better than spending hours working away at something. I get in, I do whatever, and I’m done. No time to second guess. Sometimes when I go back into my studio the next day, I’m surprised that I actually like the result. It’s going in a bit of a different direction than what I visualized, but it’s going, so I’m just going to forge ahead and worry about putting together a collection that makes sense later.

A while ago someone made a suggestion to put all my inspiration together, and look for common elements. I’ve done that. I’ve printed out a couple dozen photos and taped them to my studio wall in groups. I’ve got all my “nature” shots… the beach, rocks, ocean, trees, animals, flowers. Then I’ve got my city stuff; buildings, peeling paint, crumbling concrete, public fountains, and lots of arches. Old churches and cobblestone. They are vastly different in feel, but both sets are inspiring.

This painting started with a scribble on a wood panel. I progressed from there, responding to the marks as I went. It reminds me of the way the sun streams in old windows. It’s been one of the few pieces I don’t feel like I’m labouring over. It just happened, and I’m not about to question that.


  1. Marianne, I think this piece is really successful. It has the feeling of light – much like your thoughts described in your comments. I like the tension in the piece. Our eye wanders around that big open area and we find the paint subtleties, the brush strokes, colour variances – and that chunk of a dark line – love that!

    • Yay!! I wasn’t so sure, but after looking at it for a couple days I decided not to change it. Sometimes it’s so hard to know when to stop.

  2. Your inspirations are inspiring me….thank you

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