Marianne Morris | Artist

Living Life in Full Colour


Abstract Collection: Elememtal

These abstract paintings are my visual meditation… searching for that place of contentment in the chaos that is life in a big city.


I love to draw. Pen and Ink is a favourite. Recently, I have started doing more illustration work, both personal and commissioned. Interested in having a drawing done, or have a project you think my style would work for? Email me and we’ll talk.

Abstract collection: Spiritual Awakening

Moving from an exterior landscape to an interior one, these abstract pieces begin with physical motion and travel inward until a state of mindful meditation is reached. This series is still in it’s infancy, and will likely progress through 2016 and beyond.

Abstract Collection: Landscapes

The landscape. City or country, it speaks to us. This series is based on our connection to where we live and how it shapes our lives.

Jazz Legends

I am not a portrait artist… But there was something about these innovators that spoke to me. While researching my “Fascinating Rhythm” series, I kept coming across these incredible musicians that broke colour barriers and changed the face of music forever. This series is my homage to the legends.

Small works on Paper

Whenever I think I’m on to something new, I do a collection of small pieces to solidify my ideas before moving on to the large stuff. This series started out based on movement… and evolved into a combination of motion, emotion and our connection to each other.

Fascinating Rhythm

Music. It’s that one thing that every human has in common. It has the power to change our emotions, to bring memories into sharp focus, to let us lose ourselves in the rhythm. Music has inspired artists of the ages… and I found my own inspiration in the music and movement of our time.