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Ocean View


Abstract painting in blues by artist Marianne Morris

“Ocean view”, 10×10″ acrylic on wood panel.

I’ve been working away on this little set of wood panels. I have to say I like working small. I can move pretty quickly, and even if they don’t work out right away if I just keep going, eventually they turn out alright. This one went through a few iterations. The paint was building up and building up… at some point, the shapes were just there and all I had to do was emphasize them a bit. I wasn’t sure it was done, so I put it aside for a week and when I went back to it, it looked better than I remember. I hope that happens with all of them, but somehow I doubt I will be that lucky.

I’m painting every day and that’s a good thing, given my deadline. It’s June… that snuck up on me quickly. We have a renovation scheduled for September. When I agreed that the date, I was positive I would be done all the work for my October show long before that. I think I jinxed myself. I really should know better. Things never work quite the way you think they will and having a deadline only ensures that.

I’m just going to keep plugging away. My goal is to have one new painting to post every week. I’ve got lots started, so it should be achievable. Right now I’m going back to work.

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  1. Love your “OCEAN VIEW “– if you were here in NL now,especially around Fogo Island, the icebergs are awesome!!
    Gonna have to take a trip out there sometime so you can see it for yourself.
    Love to My Grandson.I guess he’s working those days.Can’t wait to see Michael next week.
    Love your “write-up ” on your blogs.Well written& interesting.
    Love to Everyone.

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