Abstract painting in aqua and gold

“Submerged”, 12×12″ abstract painting, mixed media on wood panel. Available.

I started this small abstract painting in the spring. Usually, I start a bunch at a time, and inevitably there is one that doesn’t work and gets set aside for a while. This was the one. It is on a pre-primed wood panel… something I have never worked on before. I had a bunch of them given to me when a friend cleared out her studio. This was quite different from canvas to work on . It was slick, and the paint kind of slid around. Didn’t seem to stick quite the same way. I can’t say I liked it all that much.

There are many ways to solve a problem…

I started out sanding it. Thought it might rough it up enough that the paint would stick better. Didn’t really help that much. I continued, covering the board with another layer of gesso, but this time not smooth. I let my brush work leave some texture. That didn’t really help either. Ok. Well, I have a shelf full of mediums and gels. A thin layer of molding paste put on with a pallet knife, and some fibre paste in areas gave me a much nicer texture to work with. What I had already painted hadn’t been completely obliterated, so I kept a similar colour scheme. With all that on top of it, it had the feel of water. So, of course, I just went with it.

I like the calmness I managed to get in this piece. Almost etherial. I’m not quite sure how that happened, given that for the last few months, I’ve had the cough from hell that just won’t leave. All day, every day, I hack to the point of not being able to breathe. It is driving me insane. By the end of the day I am either unreasonably angry or feeling totally hopeless. Every day I call my doctor’s office, looking for that appointment I’m supposed to have with the specialist. Every day I am told to call back tomorrow. It’s unbelievably frustrating. I think every painting I’ve done since this whole thing started has had a kind of calmness to it. No idea where it’s coming from, but I’m glad I’m managed to tap into it. It has kept me sane, while I am driving everyone around me crazy.