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Fugue State

Light abstract painting in orange and blue by artist Marianne Morris

“Fugue State”, 30×40″ mixed media on canvas.

Here it is, my first “large” piece for this show. Although at 30×40″, it’s not exactly enormous. But certainly a step up from the 10×10″ boards I’ve been working on. I don’t know how many big pieces I’m going to get accomplished. I’m hoping for 4 more. That would be a pretty amazing feat to accomplish, given where I am now.

I actually have no idea how this painting came to be. The initial stage of putting paint on the canvas produced a big mishmash of colour. No composition to speak of. But there was something… so I made this bit darker and that bit lighter, a bit more orange, fix some edges, and remarkably, there was a painting there. Still took a few days to refine some things and add some details, but overall, it seemed to happen fairly fast.

I’ve started a couple at an even larger size, 36×48″. It would seem my studio is a bit small for this. I can’t have two in there at the same time or I can’t really move. When the paint needs to dry and I want to switch to the other piece, I have to move it out into the hall. Pretty sure my husband isn’t too thrilled with how I’ve managed to take over that section of the house. He’ll have to live with it for another month.

I’ve been trying to figure out if I can combine these paintings I’ve been working on with some of the stuff I’ve done over the last couple years… just to take the pressure off. The gallery has 3 large walls (about 25ft) and a smaller one (there are windows across one section). Arranged together, the older pieces could fill a wall. The 10x10s could fill a wall, and then whatever else I manage to get accomplished would fill the remaining space. Maybe not ideal, but a possibility. A backup plan, of sorts. Always good to have a backup plan. If for no other reason, to keep the panic at bay.


  1. Are abstract paintings profitable …Is there a market for them?

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