The easiest way is to just email me. I try to keep the website updated and remove items that are no longer available, but occasionally I will miss something or mark it “private collection” if I think the piece is indicative of a series and want to leave it up. Shoot me an email with the title of the piece you like, and I can tell you if I still have it. I can take payment through Paypal or email transfer, or if you are in the Toronto area, I have a credit card reader attachment for my phone. Technology these days is pretty amazing.

abstract painting by Marianne Morris

Small pieces on paper can be mailed in a padded envelope. Shipping is pretty standard on these, so I’ve included the cost to ship in my price.

Shipping original art can be tricky, depending on the size and where it’s going. It might take me a few days to get you a quote on shipping… I actually have to pack it up and take it in to be weighed, and distance matters. Canvas is generally pretty light, but the stretcher bars are wood and add weight. I do my best to pack the painting so it won’t get damaged in transit. If you are within a reasonable driving distance, arrangements can be made for delivery or pick up in person. Just let me know.

If I’m doing a commission piece for you, I have the option to paint on unstretched canvas, which can then be rolled and shipped in a tube. Any framing shop can then stretch the piece onto a frame once it’s reached your location. This cuts down the chances of something getting damaged. I don’t do this for mixed media pieces that have a lot of textural detail. Some of the things I use will crack if rolled. I want to avoid that.

If you have any questions about a particular piece, purchasing or shipping, feel free to send me an email. I respond to all inquires.