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Ink and wash drawing in my sketchbook

The photo I was working from was very dramatically lit. I don’t get the same sense of drama from my drawing… mainly because I am too lazy to spend all that time hatching in a dark background. I think I managed to get the feeling of his age without drawing in every wrinkle. And this one is a bit looser, which I like.

This week, on a whim, I decided to sign up for one of those online challenge things. If you haven’t seen one of these before, what happens is an online facilitator, in this case, Carrie Brummer Hanna, walks participants through a series of exercises designed to do one thing or another. This one was to improve our drawing skills.

Now I’ve been drawing for eons. I have taken the occasional long break… some breaks have lasted years… but I always go back to it, and it usually doesn’t take that long to reconnect my eyes and my hand. A few days maybe. But there are some things that I am just not good at and so I tend to avoid them. So I do have things that I can work to improve.

I love to draw in ink. But until recently, when I started drawing the dogs, the only ink drawings I have ever done have been sketching on location (landscapes and buildings), or imaginary, illustration type of drawings.¬†Any other drawings were in graphite or charcoal. Media that are easy to shade and create form. Ink is not so easy. But with the discovery of washable ink… well that opens up a whole new world. My goal for this challenge was to get comfortable drawing people in ink. I chose a copyright-free image for each day right off the bat; I know myself well enough to know if I am tired when I sit down to draw I will pick the easiest thing, and not necessarily the thing I need to work on.

Carrie suggested setting aside 15 minutes a day. That is doable, even on really busy days. Of course, the 15-minute limit only lasted three days… the fourth day I totally screwed up the drawing and had to do it again, and the next day the image I chose was way too difficult to complete in that time. I’ve not finished the challenge… it started last Friday but I didn’t start until later on… but I was amazed at the posts I saw in the Facebook group. Some people made HUGE improvements in their skill level in only 7 days. I recommend this to anyone who wants to up their game. It obviously works if you commit to it.

If you are interested in going through this exercise yourself, I think you can access Carrie’s webinar on her website. And she also has a Facebook group that can provide valuable feedback.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience with the challenge and your work! I am happy you plan to continue with it at your own pace – I hope everyone gives themselves that permission. I enjoy seeing your work and I appreciate your participation in The Soulbrush Sessions FB group <3

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