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Deep Roots

abstract painting in red and brown.

“Deep Roots”, 10×10″ mixed media on wood panel.

I usually listen to music when I work. There is no doubt that what I am listening to influences what shows up in my art. Lately, I haven’t felt much like music. Maybe I’ve hit some kind of musical overload. Is that even possible? I guess with my son constantly working on new stuff, the steady stream of other musicians playing in my house, and I’ve usually got music on at work to drown out the other noise…. I guess it’s not entirely surprising.

Instead, I’ve been streaming podcasts. There are a lot of good ones out there. Stuff that will make you think. I particularly like the stuff on NPR and CBC.  Note to Self, InvisibiliaIdeas, Q… all good ones. Also, there are some good art podcasts I like, particularly Artists Helping Artists.  Anyway, when I was working on this painting I had on something where they were discussing systemic racism, and how the state of our First Nations population is the legacy of the residential school system. Not exactly light listening, but it was really interesting, and I was completely absorbed.

I think the idea of things being connected and buried deep in our subconscious shows up particularly well in this piece. I actually stopped painting and flipped the board over to write the title on the back when it popped into my head.  It related to what I was listening to, and what I was seeing emerge from the chaos I had going on the board. It’s too bad this one is only 10×10″… I think it would make a great impact at a larger size. But not this time around. That one will have to wait.

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  1. I can totally relate to the art/music connection and how it influences what you are working on. For me it is just part of the overall creative experience.f

    I can’t say I have ever experienced music overload – but I do not normally listen to music at work, mostly because there are only 3 of us at the office and my co-worker almost always has his music on. Although it is never loud, it would be too much to have two competing playlists happening at the same time. Fortunately I do not mind his taste and so it has never been an issue.

    I will have to try a podcast sometime when I am painting. I wonder what that might feel like. It certainly worked for you – your painting is truly beautiful 🙂

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