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Clairvoyant Crows – A drawing

Clairvoyant logo ink drawing

Illustration created for the Toronto band Clairvoyant, eventually to be on t-shirts, stickers and other assorted merchandise.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know my son is a musician. He currently plays bass in the band Clairvoyant, who I happen to think are pretty darn good. Even if I didn’t like the music (which I do), I’d still have to admire their dedication. They practice at least once a week. They are constantly working on new material. And they understand the basics of internet marketing and building a following.

This week, they officially released their first EP. All songs were written and performed by them, and recorded in my basement. I did the drawing for their cover art… if you are interested in reading about how that one came together, you can find it over on my old blog. When they asked if I would put together something they could use as a band logo, I went about finding a way to merge my obsession with crows, the drawing style I had used on the EP cover (not coincidentally, also a crow), and my recent realization that the ink drawings I had done in the past were actually pretty decent.

I have to hand it to my boy… the kid has a pretty good eye. I knew that, of course, but he proved it to me yet again with this project. I had done a bunch of sketches… really rough ideas… and he picked out a couple to work up more throughly. He made changes. We chose one to do as a final, and he made more changes. He made some observations about what I had done, and even though I was getting a bit exasperated by this time, I have to admit that with the changes he asked for, the drawings were a lot better. If I had done what I had initially thought was my best idea, it wouldn’t have worked out as well as it did.

I’ve always believed creativity is something that can be learned and worked on. It isn’t the elusive, magical “talent” that everyone thinks it is. It’s a matter of taking things in, and working through the obvious crap until you get to the good stuff. I’ll be the first to admit that my initial ideas are never my best. Actually, a lot of them suck. I need to take the initial spark and keep going with it until I feel like I’ve wrung out every decent idea there is. Maybe it isn’t that way for everyone, but I think if you want to be creative, you can. But it takes work. And that’s the hard part.


  1. I absolutely love it and the album is great too. I really like the song Shorts – just fantastic.

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