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Abstract Painting: Birth of Venus

Abstract painting in blue, brown and copper.

“Birth of Venus”,  28×40″ Acrylic Abstract Painting on Terra Skin. Available.

I have to keep this short. I’ve managed to hurt my wrist, to the point where I am pretty much one-handed. It’s improving… mainly because of my amazing physiotherapist, Jennifer.  The sessions are torture, but I feel so much better the next day  I’m positive I’ll be fully functional in a couple of weeks. Even my cough is improving. Of course, that could be because I am off work, and I’m pretty much convinced that the problem is something in the building that I am allergic to. We should be moving back into our newly renovated space very soon, and hopefully by then I’ll be well enough to return. Fingers crossed.

About this piece: This is one of the pile painted during my recent class with Lila Lewis Irving. It’s one of the few she didn’t suggest any changes to. Painted on Terra Skin paper, which is actually made of crushed stone, it was really interesting to work on. When I can get back to my studio I may try again. Titling abstract paintings, in general, can be a bit of a challenge. When I look at this I get the feeling of sky and water and earth. Copper is symbolically linked to the goddess Venus, who is said to have washed ashore in a clam shell. Taking my cues from the myth, “Birth of Venus” seemed an entirely appropriate title for this piece.

Coincidentally, copper is also believed to have a “healing” energy… I could use a bit of that right now.


  1. Wow – I just love this Marianne. I wish I could see it in person… beautiful work. Sorry you are not feeling well, but glad you are on your way to recovery.

    • Thanks. I’m doing better, but it’s frustrating to actually have some time and not be able to do anything. Knowing it’s only temporary is a relief though. I just have to be patient.

  2. Enjoying your paintings from Lila’s class (and others too!) Bring’s back memories of taking her class and . . . thinking I should get back into playing again 🙂

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