Who am I?

selfportraitThere was a time, not so long ago, when I was a frustrated creative who had denied her true calling for way too long. Art was not practical. Art was no way to make a living. Art took up way too much time and energy for too little payoff.

What I didn’t acknowledge: Making art made me happy.

This life is a journey. Every person has an individual path. My path took the long and winding road through the corporate box back to the creative life I am still trying to carve for myself… While I work my day job to pay my mortgage and put my kid through school. My blog is where I document my creative experiments, and the occasional life event that shapes my work. Interested? I post right here every Monday.

What is my art about?

I live in a big, busy city. What I try to do with my paintings is create a place of meditative calm amidst the chaos. How does living in today’s world affect how we connect to ourselves, our culture, society, each other? What is the connection between certain shapes and colours, and our emotional, instinctive gut reaction? It’s this mystery that defines my direction.